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Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene Consultancy

A robust and clearly defined occupational health and industrial hygiene program is critical for the effectiveness of any business and we support our clients in the evaluation and control of potential health hazards. By working efficiently with our clients, we assist to ensure that employees are healthy, productive and safe even in the most challenging operating environments.

At FISL, our wealth of extensive experience of health hazards and surveillance across various industries have given us great understanding into specific solutions for different scenarios. Building on this in-depth knowledge, we are constantly improving and developing our skill pool to meet the peculiar needs and challenges of our clients.

We can handle the following for our clients:

  • Occupational health advisory including Pre/post-employment health screening, health surveillance, healthy lifestyle, wellness and well-being assessment
  • Health risk assessment process and strategy
  • Advisory on the appropriate levels of control for health hazards
  • Installation, inspection, testing, and audit of control systems
  • Noise survey (area and personnel noise dosimetry and advice on engineering controls)
  • Whole body and hand/arm vibration risk assessments
  • Chemical Exposure monitoring e.g. Benzene, BTEX, welding fumes, particulate matter, dust, etc.
  • Ergonomics assessment including workstation assessment and office ergonomics evaluation
  • Advisory, inspection and testing of LEV systems
  • Fatigue risk assessment and evaluation
  • Information, instruction and training on various health hazards