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HSE Policy

Fordamac Integrated Services Limited (FISL) is committed to the delivery of a safe working environment for the company's employees, subcontractors, local communities and others affected by its operations and services. FISL conducts its services such as to minimize damage to personnel and the environment as well as ensure sustainability. This incorporates specific commitments as follows:

  • To actively and visibly manage HSE risks and performance in our operations and services. We meet or exceed statutory requirements in datum and in spirit.
  • To actively keep our employees, subcontractors and associates engaged, supported and accountable in their roles in order to meet HSE objectives and to foster safety and environmental protection at work. FISL emboldens all stakeholders to extend HSE awareness to all their activities as well as at home.
  • FISL strives for the prevention of problems and we set a zero target for accidents. We subscribe to a prevention-based HSE philosophy backed up with risk management and emergency/contingency planning. Investigations of accidents upsets and near-misses are conducted as an extension of our commitment to continuous development and improvement.
  • FISL conduct itself in accordance with the cultures of the entire community, ranging from the local communities to specific work sites. Visiting guests at FISL are provided with the information and protections necessary to ensure their visit to FISL is safe and productive while ensuring minimal impact to the environment.
  • FISL is mindful of our potential impact on the environment from our resources and the life cycle impacts of our products, services and operations. From production, design to delivery, we will seek opportunities to conserve resources and minimize detrimental effects on the environment internally and externally.
  • In all aspects, FISL will be driven by our core values of environmental protection, safe working environments and good corporate citizenry.

FISL recognises that the management of health, safety and environmental matters is the major responsibility of the Board of Directors, who will ensure that there are adequate resources available to implement the policy.